By purchasing a ticket to Samurai Art Expo, you get the following discount on your hotel room:

Single room (1-person) Book for €119,00* (regular rate € 134.25)

Single room (1-person) Book for € 99,00* (regular rate € 104.25)

Double room (2 people) Book for €129,00* (regular rate € 149.25)

Double room (2 people) Book for €109,00* (regular rate € 119.25)

* per night, breakfast included, tourist tax excluded

Download and fill out this PDF to get a hotel discount with your expo ticket! Ticket purchase reference is required for the discount to be valid.

Where to find your purchase reference

Checkout screen: It will appear as "order number" on your checkout screen, once the payment process has been completed.

Samurai Art Expo e-mail: it will appear as "order #....." in your e-mail confirmation from us.

Paypal e-mail: it will appear as "invoice ID" in your Paypal payment confirmation. Please input only the numbers in the PDF.

Please make sure to check your spam folder if you cannot see an order confirmation from us in your inbox!