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Participating dealers

arranged alphabetically by gallery name:

Atsuo Imazu:


Based in Japan.

Masashi Ikuno:

(Ginza Seiyudo)

Based in Japan

Giuseppe Piva:

(Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art)

Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art is located in the heart of Milan since 2005. Devoted to samurai arms and amors, the gallery is known among serious collectors worldwide and is proud to have contributed to enrich the collections of museums and institutions. Focus or the gallery acquisitions is on the most refined sensibility in the Japanese fine and applied arts, avoiding all but the finest and most intriguing works.

Samurai armor byakudan 620-24

Japanese armour finished in byakudan lacquer
Haruta Kaga school
Mid Edo period (1615-1867), 18th century

Henk Milius:

Based in Holland

Eddy Wertheim:

(Japanese Gallery Kensinton, Ltd.)

An English dealer of Japanese art, as well as an educator in that field, Eddy Wertheim runs a successful Kensington-based Japanese antiques gallery.

Due to his dual heritage and apprenticeships, he has close ties within the antiques trade in both Japan and the UK.

The Japanese Gallery is a commercial gallery that often collaborates with museums and cultural institutions, participates in local Japanese culture events and also organises them within their own gallery space.

Roy Echtermeijer:

(Japanese swords and Asian arts)

Based in Holland

“For now I am already a collector over 40 years for Japanese swords, and over 18 years an official registered antique dealer in the Netherlands.

My passion for the Japanese sword was born at the first glance by its shape and cutting ability.

In the past I was the chairman from the Dutch Token Society by 4 years , and also member from the NBTHK Japan.

My special interest is for the DaiSho, so I have concentrate in special for that kind of Japanese items, as you will see on the Samurai Art Expo event.

I have a fine gallery / Japanese room with many swords and item’s , visiting is any time possible after appointment.”


Egbert Menzinga:

(Japan Sword Art)

Based in Holland

Nick Ricupero:

(Nihonto Art)

Based in Canada

Nick Ricupero, founder of Nihonto Art has fostered this lifelong passion as both a collector and dealer since 2005. He has a deep appreciation for cutting test blades (Tamashigiri/saidan-mei), and fully mounted blades in high quality koshirae. His high regard for such a timeless art brings him to travel the globe in search for his hand-picked and carefully selected inventory. He has had the pleasure of working with museums and collectors from all walks of life and believes that preservation of these artifacts through education is of utmost importance.

Hataya Daisuke:

(Nihonto Hataya)

A Japanese antique arms and armour dealer who is connected to a vast network of artisans, dealers, galleries and cultural institutions in Japan, which is where Hataya Daisuke is based and mostly active.

Maintaining a beautiful show room, he runs auctions and is a long-established active member of the trade.

Patrice Sabbah:

Based in France

Philippe Leemans:

Art-Antiques & Armour

"High quality arms and armour based on a more than 40 years experience in collecting."

Based in Belgium


Masatoshi Tamayama:

(Tamayama Meishitou)

Based in Japan

Mitsuo Hataya:

(Token Hataya)

Based in Japan

Udo Drechsel:

(Honto Nihonto)

Based in Germany.

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