Participating dealers

Hataya Daisuke:

A Japanese antique arms and armour dealer who is connected to a vast network of artisans, dealers, galleries and cultural institutions in Japan, which is where Hataya Daisuke is based and mostly active.

Maintaining a beautiful show room, he runs auctions and is a long-established active member of the trade.

Eddy Wertheim:

(Japanese Gallery Kensington)

An English dealer of Japanese art, as well as an educator in that field, Eddy Wertheim runs a successful Kensington-based Japanese antiques gallery.

Due to his dual heritage and apprenticeships, he has close ties within the antiques trade in both Japan and the UK.

The Japanese Gallery is a commercial gallery that often collaborates with museums and cultural institutions, participates in local Japanese culture events and also organises them within their own gallery space.

More participants will be added shortly!