Educational programme

Alongside the sales halls the NBTHK EB and Token Society of Great Britain have established a comprehensive educational programme for the 3-day event.

Presentations will cover a range of topics relating to both Japanese swords and sword furniture and will encompass more than 1000 years of craftsmanship. All contributors are recognised authorities in their field.

The programme has been designed to enable experienced collectors and novice alike to ask questions and discuss various aspects of manufacture and design.

Lectures will be illustrated with original artefacts from private collections.

You can view a comprehensive list of talks and presentations here.


The programme will include such topics as:

Tsuru shigemitsu

From Ko- to Ji-Sukashi:
Changes in Tsuba designs from the Kamakura to Muromachi period and thereafter

From Tensho- to Higo–koshirae:
The development of shapes and styles of koshirae from the Muromachi to the late Edo period

The new NBTHK Sword Museum and it’s facilities:

The educational programme will be complemented by an exhibition of high quality swords and fittings.

Visitors will be able to study examples of Japanese arms and armour spanning 800 years of Samurai history. The exhibition will include some of the most important works held within private European collections, many of a quality rarely seen outside of Japan.

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